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In more than 25 years of business, Tall Roofing has installed a multitude of residential and commercial roofs throughout Los Angeles County and Ventura County, including clay tile, concrete tile, shingles, flat roofing and even patio decking.

Choose wisely! Always view full size product; not a swatch or small sample. Look at actual buildings or homes using similar to what you are considering for roofing types and color combinations. Check at different times of day to see the color variances under different lighting conditions.

The beauty of authentic clay tile enhances the lines of a building's architecture while it provides a lifetime of protection from the elements. An assortment of looks are possible with contemporary one-piece "S" and traditional two-piece true tapered mission profiles. When coupled with various installation techniques, including random boosting, mudding or serpentine layouts, the roof can achieve an even more dramatic, sophisticated flair unattainable with other materials.

Clay tile is among the least expensive options on a cost-per-year basis - an enduring asset that maintains its value over time. Re-roofing with clay means a lifetime of beauty and protection.

Concrete roofing tiles achieve the beauty of natural slate or a more traditional shake look while protecting your home from the elements and actually increasing the resale value. We at Tall Roofing proudly use product lines that have endured testing for moisture absorption, strength and trouble-free installation.

Tall Roofing also offers premium, Class "A" fire and wind resistant, roofing shingles designed to stand up to the elements, year after year. Luxury shingles are created to replicate the look of cedar shakes with the performance of fiber glass construction... Charm and character of hand-split wood shakes with the durability and strength that presides over wood in virtually every surrounding. These distinct roofing shingles are available in a wide range of thicknesses, options and color blends and patterns to complement your home's exterior. Want it all to match? We'll use a low-slope roofing product that is available in several colors giving you the flexibility to coordinate or match areas such as porches, canopies or carports with your main roof.

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